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Welcome, Harlaxton families!

We understand that you play an important role in your student’s journey abroad, and invite you to support us, and them, in this extraordinary opportunity.

Throughout the pre-departure process, your student works with our US team to make sure that our place and programs are the right fit.  They will receive lots of emails and be expected to participate in online orientation sessions to learn about expectations and prepare for immersion in a new place with new people.  We do all we can to help your student feel confident and ready to become who they want to be at Harlaxton.

Upon their arrival at Harlaxton, students are greeted with the warmth of a stateside welcome from our UK team. It is this team that will support your student as they challenge the status quo and experience growth. Your student will attend classes, participate in community activities, and travel on excursions.  We hope you will even visit them during their time abroad to see them in this time of embracing their potential.

We encourage you to review our FAQs and work with your student to make collaborative plans for their experience, and contact our team if you have further questions or concerns!



Family Trips

Interested in visiting your student during their time at Harlaxton, but not sure how or when to plan it? The Harlaxton family trip gives you the chance to stay at the manor, travel with your student, and take part in special family events at Harlaxton without the stress of organizing it all yourself!

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Visiting the Manor

You are welcome to visit your student at the manor at times other than the organized Family Trip as well! Let us know when you would like to come, and we can arrange a tour and perhaps accommodation at Harlaxton.

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